Jacques Charvet s'expose à Pézenas

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There are rare people you meet who stand out of the crowd, by their knowledge, their kindness, their talent. Those encouters which don't happen by random, those which inspire, motivate, give you faifth in human beings. Jacques Charvet is one of these few people.
He used to be an architect and worked at Beziers town hall from 1973 to 2011. He started painting by accident, painting posters for Beziers events.
He doesn't like bullfighting so much, but he loves colors, music and the atmosphere. And colors, he knows what he's talking about.
He created his own galery in Lignan sur Orb in 2005, 425 avenue des frères Lumière, and organised various exhibitions mainly with the Mirondella, around themes such as flamenco, bulls, letters etc. This one is called Suns. It will last till september 28th, at Mirondella house, 6 four de la ville street, in Pezenas. Hurry... and meet Jacques, who's a sun by himself...

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The exhibition will last until september 28th at Mirondella dels Arts, 6 rue du Four de la ville, from 11AM to 8PM except mondays.